outer envelope: $2.25
inner envelope (one line): $1.50
RSVP envelope: $2.00
Return address: $2.00   Rubber stamp with return address: $45

black or white ink included

for dark colored envelopes: add $0.10 per envelope
for custom mixed ink color: add $25 mixing fee plus $0.25 per envelope
watercolor details: add $1.00 per envelope

Pricing is for calligraphy only, you'll be sending your envelopes to me.  Once the calligraphy is complete, envelopes will be packed up and delivered safely back to you. 

Here's how it works:

Send me a convo or custom order request with the following info:

-envelope color
-ink color
-wedding date and/or need by date
-any other wedding details you feel like sharing (I LOVE weddings!)

Name *